Providing Counseling to Adults and Couples


You’ve considered reaching out to a therapist for some time now, but have waited to make the call.

The symptoms have been your constant companion longer than you care to mention. In fact, you are not sure that this could ever change, but the idea of the anxiety, depression, and memories that you carry continuing any longer disturbs you even more.

You’re needing something more than just talking about it.

At Hope’s Lantern, we provide counseling and therapy services that address the stuck places, which can relieve stored pain and help set you into forward motion in your life and relationships. Our aim in therapy is to help clients resolve the unrest of the past and shift into the present, connecting to who they really are and to their loved ones – creating hope for a bright future.

In addition, we provide IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback to help individuals achieve neuro-optimal functioning.  This unique modality assists individuals with gaining greater regulation of brain and nervous system function.

We work with clients, to help them regain a sense of control and peace in their lives.

Hope’s Lantern therapists can provide EMDR therapy and integrated modalities to help people heal, resolve trauma and shift to personal growth. In person as well as online counseling and therapy services are available.


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Are you ready to take hope back?

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Here’s How I Can Help

EMDR + Trauma

Trauma Resolution and Grief Recovery

Depression + Anxiety

Hope and Help for Your Depression and Anxiety

Self-Esteem + Codependency

Begin Relational Restoration from the Inside Out

Couples Counseling & Therapy

Help In Healing Yourself and Your Relationship

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