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Are you a first responder, veteran, or active military seeking services?

Counseling & Therapy

Counseling & Therapy for Adults & Couples

IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback

Support for Your Brain & Nervous System

Spiritual Life Coaching

Shift into Growth & Life Spiritually

Strategic Advising Services

Find Strategic Advantage for Work, Org, or Ministry


Coaching & Mentoring Cohort Groups

You are needing something more than just talking about it. 

You are seeking hope that leads to real change.

Hope’s Lantern & Associates provides evidence-based, compassionate care to support healing, growth, and resiliency. This includes Counseling,  Therapy, IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Strategic Advising Services. 

Our mission is to help the overwhelmed and those seeking growth through  effective services that can bring real hope and meaningful change.

Counseling and Therapy Services

At Hope’s Lantern, we provide counseling and therapy services that address the stuck places, which can relieve stored pain and help set you into forward motion in your life and relationships. Our aim is to help clients resolve the unrest of the past and shift into the present, connecting to who they really are and to their loved ones – connecting to hope and a real future. 

Our counseling team provides EMDR therapy and other integrative holistic modalities, helping people to heal, resolve trauma, and shift into personal growth.  We offer a personalized approach to honor the entire person- body, mind, and soul.

Hope’s Lantern honors those who serve our communities and country. Please click here for information on services for first responders, active military, and veterans.  

Hope’s Lantern provides provide IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback to help individuals seeking more neuro-optimal functioning. This unique modality assists individuals in gaining greater regulation of brain and nervous system function.

Spiritual Life Coaching Services

Hope’s Lantern provides Spiritual Life Coaching for individuals seeking forward movement in their lives, with an integrated soul-care approach.

Strategic Advising Services

We also offer Strategic Advising for entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations seeking to advance in their goals and mission.

We invite you to check out our team of talented hope workers, ready to serve you. As a unique team of professionals, we leverage our gifts and talents to expand mental health, relational health, and organizational health in our community and beyond.

Online and in-person services are available.


Are you ready to take hope back?

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Here’s How I Can Help

EMDR + Trauma

Trauma Resolution and Grief Recovery

Depression + Anxiety

Hope and Help for Your Depression and Anxiety

Self-Esteem + Codependency

Begin Relational Restoration from the Inside Out

Couples Counseling & Therapy

Help In Healing Yourself and Your Relationship

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