At Hope’s Lantern, our aim is to help individuals achieve neuro-optimal functioning that brings hope, resiliency, and re-engagement in their lives. We provide Brain Gauge assessment to help address brain and nervous system regulation issues.

We are passionate about our services and celebrate with our clients when they report that they are able to relax, enjoy a non-anxious state, experience restoration of sleep, gain mental clarity, and experience resiliency in their lives!

What is Brain Gauge?

Brain Gauge is a cognitive assessment tool that uses touch-based sensory testing to measure your brain health, using what looks like a computer mouse. It is one of the quickest and most accurate ways to track improvements to your mental fitness. This non-invasive tool only takes 15 minutes. 

How Brain Gauge Helps

Brain Gauge can detect extremely subtle differences in cognitive function. 

It measures 8 essential components of brain health: 






Time Perception



Who We Help With Brain Gauge

Brain Gauge is an effective assessment tool for anyone seeking improvement in brain function. This tool can be especially helpful for individuals with performance goals, including athletes, first responders, firefighters, police officers, pilots, and medical personnel.

We provide Brain Gauge as an assessment tool that can be used to track shifts and improvements in your neurological wellness. Our aim is to support you in achieving optimal brain wellness goals, through solutions and support. 

Through assessment and support, we help people get back to their lives, on and off the job.