Hope and Help for Your Depression and Anxiety

You miss the person that you once were…You just can’t seem to manifest the motivation to do the things in life that once came easily to you. Instead, you feel exhausted and want to hide in sleep, one of the only escapes you can find. Sadly, sleep can be elusive, too.

When you feel like your real self, you tend to be productive and effective, and even creative and innovative. You like being successful in what you do and feel encouraged when this is acknowledged by others.

But when the anxiety and depression rolls in like a dark cloud, it is a heavy weight that just won’t let up. Inside, you carry negative beliefs, feeling like something is wrong with you, feeling not enough. You’ve tried to lift yourself up and out of this, trying to think more positively or just doubling-down on your efforts to work harder or stay busy. This is negatively impacting you and your relationships.

Regular talk therapy feels like just talking in circles. You need an approach that can get results and help you move out of this pit.

At Hope’s Lantern & Associates, we help individuals with depression, mood disorder, and anxiety find meaningful relief and healthy strategies to heal. With compassionate presence, we bring our training and experience to help you move toward real emotional well-being and wholeness. Together, we will address the underlying causes of your mood disturbance and anxiety. You will learn empowering tools and skills that can help you gain control of your emotions. 

We are passionate about helping individuals experience real breakthroughs and transformations. After working with us, people often report feeling more confident and hopeful, empowered with new motivation to reinvest in their lives and relationships.

Healing your depression & anxiety can start with one small step.

Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation and I’ll help from there!


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