Spiritual Life Coaching

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You desire a deeper connection with God, but you are unsure where to begin and what’s the next step. You can’t identify what exactly is blocking your path or how to overcome victoriously and move beyond.

Your desires seem out of reach, and you are tired of making the same choices that keep you in a motionless cycle.


I can help! My role as a Spiritual Life Coach is to help you see your life from a different perspective, supporting integration of your faith in Jesus Christ into every area and empowering you to experience God’s provision, power, and purpose.

I help you identify impediments, develop strategies to overcome them, and provide effective tools to help you stay on track to accomplish your goals. This process can lead to alignment with your Creator, and the yield of more abundant life, fulfillment, growth, and meaningful joy.

My name is Renatha and I am a perspective-revealer, hope-conveyer, and lighting-the-way strategic companion.

I help can you shift into your place of purpose, as you process life’s challenges and transformations.

If you want to move forward and walk in alignment with your Creator, to live the life He has called you to, I can help!

Are you ready to shift into your place of purpose?

Renatha Lollis

Renatha Lollis