Begin Relational Restoration from the Inside Out

You feel confused and trapped… no matter what you do, it is not enough. You want to be the best spouse, parent and person that you can be. You just want to be happy and you want your family to be happy, too. Yet this feels so impossible.
Never feeling good enough, you over-function, all in an effort to keep the relentless internal and external critics at bay. When you receive positive feedback, it feels so good… but any negative feedback can keep you up all night.

You are losing yourself in the process, constantly trying to please people. The walking on eggshells, the sleepless nights, chronic isolation, and the chaos just can’t continue anymore. Up till now, fear and shame have held you hostage.

Something has to change and this toxic cycle needs to stop.

Welcome to Hope’s Lantern. As relationship therapists, we get it. We help individuals caught in cycles of anxiety, codependency, insecurity, and toxic relationships find HOPE.

Step by step,we walk with you to help you get out of old patterns that don’t work for you anymore. We help you shift from confusion and powerlessness to clarity, authenticity, emotional freedom, and real confidence.  Together, we will address what’s not working for you, help you identify and name specific needs, support you in setting appropriate relationship boundaries, and help you create a plan for safety and emotional healing.   

Most importantly, we help you heal from the underlying traumatic experiences and betrayals that have held you in chronic distress for so long.

A life of inner strength and hope IS possible.

Are you ready to take back hope? If so, please contact me for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss next steps.


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