Renatha Lollis
Spiritual Life Coach and Strategic Advisor

Renatha Lollis brings a unique aspect of wisdom and strategy to Hope’s Lantern clients as a Spiritual Life Coach and Strategic Advisor.  She is known by colleagues and clients alike to have an innate ability to address an issue with an equal measure of compassion and succinct insight to help people move forward.  

Renatha possesses the distinct capacity to serve and minister effectively to people within different contexts of life and/or work.  Whether meeting one-to-one for spiritual growth and breakthrough or for strategic advising to move forward in business, professional development, or ministry, Renatha meets people where they are and partners strategically with insight and wisdom to help them move forward.

A graduate of the University of Memphis, Renatha holds over 25 years of marketplace experience in human resources and talent acquisition, allowing her to work seamlessly with individuals, ministries, non-profits, and businesses, helping them realize their personal and professional goals. Renatha transitioned from corporate America to full-time ministry in 2016 to become Director of Operations of Destiny Institute, a non-profit ministry focused on discipleship. In 2020, Renatha joined Real Options, a non-profit pro-life pregnancy center, where she served as Ministry Operations Director.   

Renatha is certified in Biblical Counseling and is able to align with clients whose desire is to integrate Christ into every area of their lives.  In 2022, Renatha authored the book Surrender: The Forgotten Spiritual Discipline and penned its accompanying workbook, published in 2023. Renatha currently serves at  Hope’s Lantern & Associates in McKinney, TX, as a certified Spiritual Life Coach and Strategic Advisor providing guidance, strategic advising, and coaching to individuals as they seek to align with God’s plan for their lives, businesses, non-profits, and ministries. 

Renatha has been married to her husband, Tim, for 21 years and resides in Texas. You can learn more about Renatha’s work at


Renatha Lollis

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