Coaching and Mentoring Groups

Hope is anchored in connection.

Lantern Groups are designed to create the opportunity for consistent connection within a community where support, insight, honoring and solutions abide.

Lantern Groups are not therapy groups.

Lantern Groups are coaching and mentoring groups that can be therapeutic in value.

We have thoughtfully created an intentional space where Christ-followers can deepen in their walk with God, heighten their connection with Holy Spirit, and explore Jesus’ invitation to same and greater (John 14:12-14). Lantern Groups are designed for various cohorts who desire to journey a season together.

Lantern Groups:

LIGHT for the path…
LIGHT for exponential growth…
LIGHT in connection with others…

Hope’s Lantern & Associates also offers complimentary Lunch & Learns, online and/or in-person, hosted by the Hope’s Lantern Team and Special Guests.  Please see below for more information on upcoming HL Lunch & Learns.

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Check out our SOAR groups for Freshman and Upperclassman Women below!

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Monthly Lunch and Learn


A complementary offering of coaching, strategy, and expansion support, over a 75-minute lunch break.

HL Lunch and Learns are hosted by Hope’s Lantern Associates. Topics range widely, so please check our website to see what’s coming up!


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Growth That Heals: Discovering Keys to Lasting Transformation


Lunch & Learn

Date: Tuesday, April 30th
Time: 12:15 pm-1:30 pm CST
Where: Live Online


Is change difficult for you, especially when you attempt to confront doubts, inconsistency, or failure?
Do your changes seem to not “stick”, finding yourself reverting into old behavior with no idea why?
Do you feel stuck or hindered, not advancing in life, relationships, or career at the rate you are investing?

From a Biblical perspective, at the intersection of mental and spiritual health, we will address these topics and more as we discuss:

  • Why we get stuck and what causes it
  • Understanding the psychospiritual connection
  • God’s brilliant plan for forward-moving growth that also heals and releases freedom
  • Strategic approaches to overcoming impediments to progress
  • How to maintain and sustain your Transformation

Join us on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, from 12:15-1:30 pm for a FREE Webinar Sponsored by Hope’s Lantern & Associates for a time of hope and insights into healing and lasting transformation!


Hosted by:

Renatha E. Lollis, BCLC, ICT
Certified Christian Life Coach & Author


Wendy Copeland, MA, LPC, CIRT, CCTP, ICP
Licensed Professional Counselor


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G.I.G. Entrepreneur Coaching Cohort

Glorify God. Increase Spiritual Alignment. Grow in Business.

Grow in God Entrepreneur Coaching Cohort

Are you an entrepreneur who desires to grow in your relationship with God, working in partnership with the Holy Spirit while growing your business for His glory?

Do you desire a trusted advisor who can help you make the tough decisions from a Kingdom perspective?

Have you longed for a community of like-minded individuals united in their mission to advance His Kingdom by growing their businesses God’s way?

Then Hope’s Lantern G.I.G. Entrepreneur Coaching Cohort may be for you!


This Coaching Cohort will help Christian Entrepreneurs:

Glorify God by offering a Kingdom perspective that enables you to transition from a business owner who happens to follow Jesus to a beloved child of God who has been called to use business to advance God’s kingdom on earth.

Increase Spiritual Alignment by incorporating Spiritual Disciplines to help cultivate the spiritual maturity that will impact your life and business, aligning you with God’s plan and purpose.

Grow in Business by providing instruction on kingdom business practices, community for feedback and encouragement, and accountability to execute God’s plan for your life and business.

Led by Renatha Lollis, Strategic Advisor and Certified Christian Life Coach, this four-month Coaching Cohort will offer:

· Biblical instruction on Kingdom principles

· Strategic Advisement

· Group discussion

· Guest speakers


Conducted in 90-minute bi-monthly sessions, this cohort is designed to create a Confessional Community with other Christian entrepreneurs seeking to grow in life and business God’s way.

Space is limited; use the below link to submit your application to join today! For questions, contact Renatha Lollis at or call 972-866-7802.

Price: $375 total

Duration: 8 Sessions

Start Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm CST

Meeting Frequency: Bi-Monthly

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Facilitated by Certified Christian Life Coach and Strategic Advisor Renatha Lollis

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us,” – Ephesians 3:20

Perissos, the Greek word for more shown in the above scripture, is defined by Strong’s Bible Dictionary as superabundantly, exceedingly, or beyond measure. This word describes God’s ability to move in our lives and illustrates the magnitude of blessing He has made available to us as beloved children. Jesus came that we would not just have life but the superabundant kind of life (John 10:10). While God extends the invitation to superabundance, ask yourself:

  • Do I acknowledge, live, and operate from a place beyond measure?
  • Do I experience abundance in my peace, love, health, relationships, careers, or ministries?
  • Will I accept the minimum, never expecting more, leaving God’s invitation unopened for the rest of my life?
  • Perissos Lantern Groups are cohorts designed to stretch participants into active acceptance of God’s invitation to a life of superabundance.

As a closed group, we will unpack together 1 Chronicles 4:10-11 as we simultaneously read the Prayer of Jabez book by Bruce Wilkerson. While applying biblical insights and spiritual truth, we will uncover and discover the “more” God generously offers to His children.

In these nine 90-minute sessions, you will experience:

Education as we study the scriptures to uncover God’s promises and applicable biblical truth

Encouragement from a certified Spiritual Life Coach and other class participants allowing for group processing and exponential growth

Empowerment by the Holy Spirit to walk in abundance by His power and authority

Using the Word of God as our map, we will use Biblical insight and practical wisdom to discover what abundant life looks like for you. Through group discussion, we will address limiting beliefs that impact our ability to connect with God and impediments to our spiritual growth while learning to encounter God through His Word and its promises. These activities will help us to live in alignment with His plan and experience perissos in all areas of our lives.

If you desire deeper intimacy with God that will impact every area of your life, please join us on this adventure to embrace Perissos, the exceedingly superabundant, beyond-measure kind of life!

Starts Monday, February 26th at 3:00 p.m.

Total Cost: $695

* Payment Options:  One-time payment OR three monthly installments of $232

Click Here to Complete the Application for the Perissos Group

S.O.A.R. College Lantern Groups




SOAR Lantern Group


SOAR Lantern Groups provide a safe space for college Christian Women in to evaluate and process through the successes, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities of their college life while creating a sustainable, real-life, Biblically-based plan to SOAR throughout their semester.


Facilitated by Certified Christian Life Coach and Strategic Advisor Renatha Lollis, the S.O.A.R. group is a safe space for participants to find:


Support – Biblically based coaching, facilitated by a Christian Life Coach
Optimization – Insight into successes and challenges allowing for understanding and growth
Alignment – Encouragement to align with God and His plan for their lives
Relaunch – Strategies and tools to help as they relaunch into the next phase of life.


These 12-week, 60-minute group meetings will provide the opportunity for
exponential growth by sharing and processing together with other women in
the same season of life.



Two Group Cohorts are offered:


  • Freshman SOAR Cohort – Fall and Spring
  • Upperclassman SOAR Cohort – Fall and Spring




Total Cost: $415 total for 10 cohort meetings


*Payment Options:  One-time payment OR three monthly installments of $139


Next Launch:  August, 2024




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